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How To Apply Iron On Transfers

  1. Set your iron to the Cotton setting and turn any steam function off.
  2. Press clothing to remove moisture and wrinkles.
  3. Remove the paper from the back of the transfer.
  4. Place the design on the clothing where you want it, making sure the plastic face is up, sticky side is on the clothing, cover with baking paper. If you have one, a Teflon/silicone sheet (cover sheet) is ideal instead of baking paper.
  5. Using both hands, keep the iron over the transfer.
  6. Do not move the iron around while pressing. If covering a large area, press on one area and then move onto the next. (If you do have steam holes on the base, just move it slightly so that the heat gets to all areas equally).
  7. Once the time is up, gently start to remove the plastic cover sheet.
  8. If any of the transfer looks like it has not stuck, recover with the carrier and cover sheet and re-press for a few more seconds.
  9. After you have peeled the plastic cover sheet, place the baking paper back over the HTV and give it an iron as normal.
Top Tips: 
If you press for too long you may melt the adhesive and if you don't press for long enough it may come off.

The key to a success is pressure – heat presses bear down and clamp the garment, so you need to be imitating this pressure.

The floor is a great for pressing onto, as you have more force to bear down with, but a sturdy work surface will suffice.